Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to Karalta Road Dental Practice?

  1. Our team of dental professionals make you feel like a member of our family, with our personal approach to your care. 
  2. We do both restorative and preventative  dentistry,  providing every patient with the highest level of care. 
  3. We offer additional services, like Snap-on Smile and Intravenous Sedation for nervous patients. 
  4. We don’t just tell the patient what their treatment will be – we will give you options. 
  5. We give each patient the pros and cons of the treatment involved, so that they have the freedom to choose their own treatment process. 
  6. We explain each  step of the treatment process, thereby ensuring the patient is never confused about the treatment they are receiving. By using the latest dental technology, we provide you with better, faster, safer and gentler outcomes.